About us


Located at the Heart of Boka Bay, Montenegro, the unique position of the Health & Wellbeing Retreat de’MAR - Vrmac was recognized with its natural healing characteristics over centuries, already from the Venetian time. Later, it was certified as natural healing oasis for respiratory health issues by Russian and Chinese doctors. ...

This is the place to breathing in the life energy and tranquility at the same time. It is the unique place where mighty Sea is kissing the steep Mountains, and where the mighty Mountains are hugging the Sea. Power in its raw and natural form, so pure, both nurturing and elevating. In such location of eternal natural and pure love between the sea and the mountains, calmly is settled our Health&Wellbeing oasis, blessed by the talk of the sea and the whisper of the wind. Two mighty forces jointly live in synergy, providing the air rich in natural aerosols, helping nurturing effect of our treatments.
It is here where You will feel empowered and revitalized by the nurturing effects of our treatments, so your body, mind and spirit thank you for taking a good care of it. Within this naturally blessed location with its healing powers, our Health & Wellbeing Retreat De’MAR – Vrmac was designed and born as the new Montenegrin premium health retreat to celebrate healthy living.


Health & Wellbeing Retreat de’MAR - Vrmac is recognized as the Montenegrin New Hot Spot with a boutique, yet highly personalized medical and wellbeing offering, achieving high results in treating some of the most common health disturbances of the quotidian lifestyle, such as respiratory & breathing problems, bones & tissue ache, stress & anxiety, immunity drop, or aesthetical aging. ...

We are helping population of broad age to live a happy & healthy life by enhancing Your wellbeing by our treatments, so to feel good and rejuvenated physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our Mission is to help You to live without bones & tissue pain, to boost your immunity, to detoxify your body, and to regenerate/rejuvenate your respiratory function and the whole body for less stressful and healthier life. Our highly effective treatments are body detoxification, longevity & immunity boosting, respiratory rejuvenation, anti-stress and beauty aesthetics.

Respiratory revitalization is our signature product, helping also the post- covid lungs’ healing.



Health & Wellbeing Retreat De’MAR - Vrmac is specialized in the field of body detoxification, regeneration & rejuvenation, respiratory rehabilitation used also as post-covid rehabilitation and longevity & immunity boosting. It offers also daily treatments for bones & tissue aching rehabilitation and beauty antiaging. All these programs are carefully designed to get the body back to the overall enhancement of the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. ...

With our medical team of the highest expertise in the field, we make personalized and integrative approach in achieving Your wellbeing. Our treatments begin with the medical check, and afterwards are constantly monitored by our team of medical experts.

Breathe in vitality