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Longevity & Natural Immunity Boosting

Longevity & Natural Immunity Boosting

Protecting and maintaining Your immunity system is the best shield You can do to protect Your organism from various pathogen agents. Most natural way of maintaining immune system is healthy way of life, including physical exercise and special nutrition menu. Dedicate some time for Yourself, it will pay off significantly in the future.

Recommended for those who are under prolonged /chronic/ stress as well as for those who suffer from chronic degenerative diseases.

Immune booster program is recommended for all genders at least once per year.

Choose healthy way of living for your personal Credo. Revitalize Yourself.

Immune booster program 5 days, 6 nights

• 1x Initial medical check-up with ECG and diet plan
• 6x diet (full board based: fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly prepared juices and high-quality protein food in moderate quantities)
• 5x Morning gym (breathing and stretching exercises on the beach) 30 min
• 5x Pilates 30 min
• 5x Speed walking through the forest by using Nordic Walking poles 45 min
• 5x Aqua gym 30 min
• 2x Lymphe Drainage Massage- 30 min with lymphatic apparat
• 2x Ozone bath 20min
• 1x Herbal package 30 min
• 2x Magnetotherapy
• Nutrition menu

Longevity & Natural Immunity Boosting program 2

This program helps You to improving your fitness, strength and balance. These treatments will help maintaining the healthy mature age, by revitalizing your body, and you will feel stronger, more vital and more confident in your wellbeing. With the regular use of this and similar programs you will better adopt to changes which aging brings to the body.

Here we help you to bring the life to the age, not age to the life.

Healthy Aging program 5 days, 6 nights

• 5x Morning gym with breathing exercise • 3x Nordic walking
• 5x Kinesiotherapy
• 2x Cardio fitness
• 5x Electro therapy/ Sonotherapy/ Magnetotherapy (personalized choice) • 3x Manuel massage
• 1x Aroma bath
• 1x Underwater massage
• 5x Aquagym
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